A Life In Converse

Anyone who knows me knows that Converse are a integrated part of my life. I remember my first ever pair, not the usual basic Chuck Taylor but a limited edition green pair of high tops with a darker green circle, i was 14. Ever since then I would buy one pair a year and receive another pair for christmas and wear them until they were falling apart… and i really mean that. One boyfriend literally hated my wore out, dirty, black Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops with the gaping hole in the back.

I have owned every color, red, green, gray, black, all black, white, limited edition John Lennons’ and the list goes on.

Converse Plaid Chuck Taylor Multi Eyelets TrainerWell today i stumbled across a new kind of converse which is high on my list to wear and then wear out. They are low top Chuck Taylor, in plaid brown with multi eyelets, with a slight worn effect. The appearance reminds me of an old blazer in a dusty corner of afflecks place or the everything for pound jumble shop on Oldham Rd, Manchester (which adds to the appeal). 

Check them out here : http://www.converse.com


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3 responses to “A Life In Converse

  1. Hey RetroHo – loving the blog. Thought you might like my friend Lizzie’s most recent post on Chuck Taylor’s on her DESIGNwatcher blog: http://designwatcher.blogspot.com/2009/01/new-chucks.html

  2. I don’t know why, but here in Sweden… everybody wears a pair of converse shoes. It’s everything from the classic ones to lupe fiasco-models. No matter if you’re a 6 year old girl or if you’re an old man… you’re supposed to wear converse. It’s just like that in Sweden. I own a pair of green converse, and that’s all I need at the moment. Without converse, there would be no me. Hahahah, take care!

    Oh, btw… I love your blog.

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