Ode to the Spade: Jack & His Coal Bag

jack-spade-trash-bag.jpgAnother perfect design from Jack Spade, the revsible Coal Bag ‘Trash’. Utilities your life withthis bag, perfect for day to day activities, enough space for everything you need. Pick it up now for $225.

Check it Out:  www.uncrate.com


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3 responses to “Ode to the Spade: Jack & His Coal Bag

  1. Retro Ho – Inquiring minds want to know: Jack Spade bags are ManBags, yes? Do men truly buy such bags as these? My knowledge of men’s fashion needs to be broadened, and I’d appreciate your input.

  2. Thanks for comment
    Jack Spade is for men and is designed for men. Kate Spade designs the female range. This bag is great for men, especially in summer. Come to London and you will see many men will the style.

  3. Yes, I’m well acquainted with Kate’s line. Less so with Jack’s. In fact I’m not sure I’ve ever known anyone who’s had one. Perhaps I’ll ask around my UK friends. Thanks for the tip! You’ve got some unique styles here that I’m not used to showing.

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