80’s Nostalgia: Teddy Ruxpin

Yes I was an 80’s child and I had my very own Teddy Ruxpin with a cassette player for a belly so he could read me stories at night, unfortunately mine fell out of bed and his eye fell out! Oh well good memories.

Teddy Ruxpin came out in 1985 and has made several attempts of a comeback since, but I think he was trumped by Furbies, Barney and the Teletubbies.

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One response to “80’s Nostalgia: Teddy Ruxpin

  1. distractedgourmet

    Ah, I always wanted something like this – or one of those Mother Goose ones. Sadly, I was too clever for my own good because my parents were so pleased about my reading ability they’d rather stick pins in their feet than give me something like that. Such a tragic childhood! I also really wanted a plastic kitchen with a fake microwave too. Bloody parents…

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