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Prince of Mods : Regent

RegentScoot into spring with this fresh yellow look from John Smedley, a brand famous for its knitwear since the early 1900s. The london designer has produced a great style ascetic with this merino wool cardigan with v-neck topped with a matching merino wool  ‘Thymus” scarf.

Bold and Fresh.

Check it Out: 

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Made in England: 666 Leather

This blue leather jacket by 666 Leather Wear, London, is the ultimate retro design. Live out the 1960s Rocker image and strud down the pavement in this blue leather classic. You can pick it up for 56,000 yen.

Check it out: Tulsa Time

If you like this jacket you may like another highlighted leather jacket at Retro Ho:

The Rockers: Rick Owens Update

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Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No it is The Cold War

This image once graced the cover of a parisian socialist magazine in the 1960s. The artwork by Roman Cieslewicz has been transformed into funky and ideological infused T-shirt. Representing the superpowers of The USA and The USSR.

You can pick this ultra retro Pop inspired T up from the V&A for £25.00.

Check it out:

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