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Sharp Claws & Shoulder Pads

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Have a 1980s flashback, get out your shoulder pads, throw on some high waisted jeans, team them up with white socks and some loafers…oh don’t forget to sharpen your claws and sit back and indulge in alittle Dynasty nostalgia. Pure 80s class all the way from denver.

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Ostaglie : The Untouched Eastern Block

In der Küche fand man Plastikgeschirr aus der DDR, "Vita"-Cola und "Marella-Delikateßmargarine".


Der Kalender in der Wohnung zeigt das Jahr 1988. Seitdem hat scheinbar niemand die 40 Quadratmeter betreten.
Dieses Haus liegt in Leipzig, in der  Crottendorfer Straße 4 b. Architekt Mark Aretz machte hier eine erstaunliche Entdeckung.
Die Wohnung sieht aus, als wurde sie kurz vor der Wende fluchtartig verlassen.
A rare Ostalgie gem has been discovered, A flat  untouched since before the end of socialism and the east german block  in 1989 has been discovered in the German city of Leipzig. You can see retro east german brands such as vita-cola, the flat was probably abandoned in a rush when the wall went down.

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Salvaged Elastic, Retro Fantastic


Funk it up in these retro underpants. Made from salvaged factory cut offs and elastic from a demolished brooklyn factory during 1960s, 1970s and 1980. $25 from RHLS.

Wear the retro underneath.

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Pac-Man パックマン Pakku man : T

Walk down the street in style with this retro inspired T. Everyone knows and loves the 1980s japanese video game which made its mark on 20th century pop culture. Now live out your childhood with this Pac-Man Eco T-shirt for around $40.00.

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TST : Retro Design Ascetic

These TST split toe blue and orange sneakers are the latest to come from the work of Seishi Tanaka. His sneaker designs are unusual and retro. The faded quality gives the shoe an edge other new designs don’t have. The brand TST is now gaining a cult following among sneaker and retro lovers alike. Own a piece of the design movement. You can pick these up for £99.00 at Oki Ni.

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Blowing Bubbles

Get this wonderfully designed T-shirt at Threadless by Niel Quisaba.

The design has a real 80’s retro feel and is perfect just team up with a pair of jeans.

Threadless T shirts go fast so hurry! You can buy it for $18.00!

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Flash Forward: 80’s Twist, Modern Chic

This Spring/Summer 2009 jacket from Kris Van Assche is the up and coming look for 2009 with its roll up sleeve effect and smart/casual chic. It is a twist from 1980s Miami Vice reworked with a european influence.

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