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Controversy of Notoriety

“Erotica is simply high-class pornography; better produced, better conceived, better executed, better packaged, designed for a better class of consumer. “

Photo: Nobuyoshi Araki

Quote: Andrea Dworkin



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Voyeuristic Pleasures: Felipe Morozini

UM LUGAR AO SOL by felipemorozini.O BICO by felipemorozini.LIFE GOES ON by felipemorozini.

“Our society is one not of spectacle, but of surveillance; under the surface of images, one invests bodies in depth; behind the great abstraction of exchange” (Foucault, 1975)

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Photographs: Felipe Morozini, Last Floor Project, São Paulo

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Timo! : Eco-Friendly Style, Super Chic Design

Frosti GrimaceSavanna

Pixel Maze (pink-purple)Blades

ZebraPublic Toilet (Psychedelic)

You have to own one of these ultra unusual and well designed wallets from Timo. From the super price of $35 you can also do your bit to help the environment as the wallets are made from eco-friendly materials such as recyclable paper, soy ink and post-consumer vinyl.

Check it out:

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Dear… Diana

Take some fantastically retro shots with the Diana+ camera from Lomographic Society. The camera is a cult icon from the 1960s. Super stylish design, super stylish photos. You can pick one up for  £38.00.

Check it Out:

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Sundays Muse: Egon Schiele

Osen with fingertips laid togetherSchiele's Mutter und Kind

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Loving the Wolf, You Hairy Beast : Dave Denis

I love you wolf...Scary tee from Dave Denis.  Available at Boundless NY.I love you wolf...Scary tee from Dave Denis.  Available at Boundless NY. 

Fancy a hairy beast?

Check this ultra hot T out from designer Dave Denis, for only 35 euro !

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Mancunian Design : Guy McKinley

Fullstop - Guy McKinley by Onesidezero.Check out the up and coming illustrator, Guy Mckinley who’s work offer a traditional but futurist perspective : Fresh & Original

Check it Out:

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