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Fashion Inspiration: The Lives of Others

Be inspired by the 2006 German film ‘The lives of Others’. Set in the Ostalgie East Berlin. The story follows the battle between human morality in a harsh socialist regime. The fashion is understated and simple with few but bold signature pieces, here is a collection to add that socialist kitsch to your wardrobe:


Check it Out:

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Ostaglie : The Untouched Eastern Block

In der Küche fand man Plastikgeschirr aus der DDR, "Vita"-Cola und "Marella-Delikateßmargarine".


Der Kalender in der Wohnung zeigt das Jahr 1988. Seitdem hat scheinbar niemand die 40 Quadratmeter betreten.
Dieses Haus liegt in Leipzig, in der  Crottendorfer Straße 4 b. Architekt Mark Aretz machte hier eine erstaunliche Entdeckung.
Die Wohnung sieht aus, als wurde sie kurz vor der Wende fluchtartig verlassen.
A rare Ostalgie gem has been discovered, A flat  untouched since before the end of socialism and the east german block  in 1989 has been discovered in the German city of Leipzig. You can see retro east german brands such as vita-cola, the flat was probably abandoned in a rush when the wall went down.

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Ostalgie : Fashion and Influence

With the fall of the Berlin wall a unique socialist culture of design, fashion and culture also fell. However today it’s making a comeback with these items from the past become cult icons and sought after pieces, Ostalgie being the German word for nostalgia. 

So why not own a little piece of East German Ostalgie inspired fashion.Why not team up this ultra slick military pinbadges with vintage tweed blazer, pin them on the on to retro-up a simple but classic item.

Both these items are currently on Ebay, the jacket at Buy it Now Price of £34.99 and the pin-badge at  $3.99.

Also, why not get into the East German groove and check out the critally aclaimed movie ‘Goodbye Lenin’ and become inspired by the DDR fashion movement.

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