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Cartomancy Fashion: Tarot T

Check out this super hot T from Krudmart. I have am a avid Tarot reader and have a fascination for all things Tarot. You can check out my Tarot Blog here: Fawn’s Tarot Diary.

This T made me very excited and it’s tarot design is great, and the price… even better on sale at $15!

Check it Out:

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Ode to The Bakelite Goodness

Oh the joy of polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride (bakelite) plastic! The retro appeal of this early 20th century invention brings joy to many vintage hunters like myself. Yes i am the ebay outbidder you dread hehe. I have posted a few of the must have bakelite items :

1. The Bakelite Telephone is an essential!

2. Bakelite Kitchen Products!!! I-C-O-N-I-C

3. Forget digital, its all about the analogue

4. Coffee is always better retro panache

5. Button it up!

Super Plastic Fantastic Fun!

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Bum Hero: Super Bulge

Why not be a superhero underneath and rock a pair of the new Aussiebum Hero pants! Fun and sexy, good to bring out the inner geek! If the price is a little too high for your standard Batman salary don’t despair H&M is here and they have Marvel comic pants for half the price and just as freak&geek hot!

Check it Out:

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Fashion Face Off: Bruni vs. Obama

Pitching against each other, the proclaimed fashionista first ladies French Carla Bruni and American Michelle Obama. Who is now the golden gal of the diplomatic cricle ? Let the fun begin.


Firework fashion: Michelle Obama shows off her colourful side with a string of dresses including that infamous red and black design by Narciso Rodriguez and a purple infusion by Maria Pinto

And the winner….

Well lets face it europeans defiantly have the edge, and if you have fucked Mick Jagger, then you are always on top 😉


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Vampire Lust

This traditional Japanese print is old enough that it is in the public domain. It shows the vampire cat of Nabeshima killing the girlfriend of the prince of Hizen.

Recently i have developed a love for all thing gothically vampire. I have fallen in love with Edward, I am addicted to HBO’s True Blood and hooked on vampire anime… but nothing beats the original Stoker thriller. So i am in love with this T designed by Sam Silverstone from SIXPACK FRANCE:

Only 33 EUR!

Check it Out:

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The Deyn Factor

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The most exciting thing is not doing it. If you fall in love with someone and never do it, it’s much more exciting. “

Quote: Andy Warhol

Photo: Agnes Deyn, House of Holland , Henry Holland

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The Napoleonic Revolution

Start the revolution and get one of this cool T’s from the East End boutique A Child of The Jago.

Check it Out:

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