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Dashing & Dapper: Brideshead

Why not look a little dapper into the new year with some dashing 1920s gear.  Take inspiration from Brideshead Revisted  and opt for beige and creams, knits, scarves and waistcoats and macs. Take a look at the Paul Smith selection below to inspire, and don’t worry you can always search charity shops and high street stores to get a cheaper deal: 





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Delve in My Bag

So lets look what’s in my bag today, but first lets look at my bag. It’s a Fred Perry leather Inflight Retro bag, which i have in brown and blue, these colours have now been discontinued by Fred Perry but you can still pick up black.


Next, i would be lost with out my Macbook Air. I am a new mac user but i will not go back to dark side. The quality is much better, especially when chilling out to Goldfrapp or The Smiths.



15184096_30_dA green cotton tartan woven scarf. If you know me, you know i have a fetish for green tartan and scarf so this is the pure embodiment of a fashion orgasm for me. Perfect to carry around in your bag if it gets a bit chilly.

Finally, I have a good book and a magazine. I am currently reading Philip Pullmans ‘Dark Material’. This really is a must read as the movie, ‘The Golden Compass’, does not do the books justice. The magazine, is GQ Korea. 


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Stylistically Retro: Kaiba


This animation by Japanese creator Masaaki Yuasa is being hailed a classic great, not only for 2008 but of all time. The visual imagery is a throwback to 1970s animation, with its simple and touching designs. Something seen as childish and cheap, but in Kaiba is transformed into something stylistically retro and chic.

Not only does the animation catch your eye but the story line delivers something new, abstract and delicious.  Kaiba is essentially a science fiction love story, set in a world where memories can be transferred to new bodies and even sold.  Kaiba, the main character, awakes to find he has no memory, as we watch him travel across space in search of some kind of origin. 

This animation won a prize in excellence for animation at the Japan 2008 Arts Media Festival.

It’s worth the watch.

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