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Converse back in 1973

Converse - 1973 by rchappo2002.

Go back to 1973 throw on a pair of converse, black socks and some burgundy skinny jeans and drink  a bloody mary by the pool, why not?

Shoes | GapRed Skinny Fit Denim Jeans




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Shoe the Bear

442841Check out these hot Unisex sneakers from ‘Shoe the Bear’. From Thomas Frederiksen and Jakob Fuglsang. The Danish duo have enlisted the help of many artists to create a unique shoe. Look out for the new spring collection on its way!

Check it Out:

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‘The Boots That Won The War’: Ebay Fix

HH Brown Men's 10

Pick up these ultra vintage WII U.S Paratrooper Corcoran Jump boots on ebay for only  $60.00. These are a historic pair of boots which any lover of vintage, 1940s or military style should own. Match them with a contemporary look : a pair of grey Uni Qlo skinny jeans with a funky T, leaving the boots untied.

Check them out: Here


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TST : Retro Design Ascetic

These TST split toe blue and orange sneakers are the latest to come from the work of Seishi Tanaka. His sneaker designs are unusual and retro. The faded quality gives the shoe an edge other new designs don’t have. The brand TST is now gaining a cult following among sneaker and retro lovers alike. Own a piece of the design movement. You can pick these up for £99.00 at Oki Ni.

Check them Out:

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Tumble Me Down With A Feather : Irregular Choice

Irregular Choice 3375-12C Tumble Me DownThese gold leather ‘Tumble me down’  shoes are a throw back to 1970s and 1920s Swing. Perfect to jazz up any outfit and light up any dance floor with their golden shimmer. You get these from Irregual Choice for £87.50.

Check them Out:

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Style on a Budget: Whole outfit for £100

With a the new economic problems why not suffer in style with a value for money stylish look !

First, everyone needs atleast one button up cardigan in their wardrobe. This Olive Cardigan at Topman is £25.00. The good thing is you can wear it casual and smart.

Check this item out :

Second, team the cardigan up with a pair of skinny fit tapered grey jeans from Uni Qlo.

This are a steal as they are on sale right now at £19.99. The quality is also good, made from 99% cotton. These are on limited offer so be fast! You can team these jeans up with any vintage T for a whole new look.

Check them out :

ASOS Plimsolls

Team your new jeans and cardigan up with a pair of white canvas pumps from Pop Boutique. Pop was one of the leading stores in Manchester and London which created the 1960s subcultural movements within the United Kingdom.  These shoes are throw away fashion, but at £12.00. You can also get them in A vibrant yellow, blue, grey and black.

Go to :

Next up,  make the outfit pop with a pale yellow and grey check  light weight scarf from Urban outfitters.This scarf is perfect to team up with the grey jeans and the olive cardigan. You can buy this Item for £15.00!

Check it out at :

Finally, top off with a vintage 1970s navy blue flight bag. The bag is from the Canadian airline ‘Wardair. The navy blue and the white trim add to a really stlyish and retro look for a casual day to day bag. You can pick this item up at Rokit for £30.00.                                                                             


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A Life In Converse

Anyone who knows me knows that Converse are a integrated part of my life. I remember my first ever pair, not the usual basic Chuck Taylor but a limited edition green pair of high tops with a darker green circle, i was 14. Ever since then I would buy one pair a year and receive another pair for christmas and wear them until they were falling apart… and i really mean that. One boyfriend literally hated my wore out, dirty, black Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops with the gaping hole in the back.

I have owned every color, red, green, gray, black, all black, white, limited edition John Lennons’ and the list goes on.

Converse Plaid Chuck Taylor Multi Eyelets TrainerWell today i stumbled across a new kind of converse which is high on my list to wear and then wear out. They are low top Chuck Taylor, in plaid brown with multi eyelets, with a slight worn effect. The appearance reminds me of an old blazer in a dusty corner of afflecks place or the everything for pound jumble shop on Oldham Rd, Manchester (which adds to the appeal). 

Check them out here :


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