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Vintage Irvin

This is a great find from London based Rokit. This orginal WWII sheepskin RAF ‘Irvin’ Jacket is a great piece to add to you vintage collection. The sheer quality of this 1940s classic will put you ahead into spring.

Check it Out:


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Got those Heebie Jeebie Blues: The Puppini Sisters

This trio will blow you away, blow you back into the 1940s and relive The Andrew Sisters. They exude pure style as their voices send the heebie jeebies down your spine. Their retro inspired music also takes a modern twist with reworkings from Kate Bush, The Bangles and Beyonce.

Be inspired and do the 1940s Lindy Hop in your living room.

Check out The Puppini Sisters version of Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush: HERE


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I Love The Java Jive & It Loves Me: Flashback Fashion


Mircopattern Texture is a must for 2009 and this jacket does impress. A vintage grey throwback blazer is a must to jazz up your spring wardrobe, so bring back jive and dance in style.

You can get this jacket for $120.00 at Topman.


Check it out:


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“Anytime Is Tea-Time Now” – A Cultural Movement


Image from Tea Making Tips

Let’s bring back the past time of afternoon tea and start a cultural movement.

It’s easy , cheap and enjoyable, spend the afternoon in the 1940s.

Here is a quick guide:

First, afternoon tea should be around 3pm, so invite your friends over around then.

Second, you need to prepare the food. You need to make cucumber, salmon or fish paste sandwiches. Buy a sliced white loaf of bread and cut the edges off. Take two slices, thinly butter one side. Prepare the cucumbers, peel, thinly slice and lightly salt. Layer the buttered side of the bread with the prepared cucumbers, put the second slice on top and cut into 3 fingers. Do the same with the salmon and fish paste, then on a larger plate stack and line. Next bake or buy a cake something not too rich like victoria sponge, ginger cake or fruit scones with fresh cream.

When it comes to preparing the tea take a large teapot and lightly heat the pot first with a little warm water. Then fill with boiling water followed by the tea, 3 tea bags or 4 even teaspoons of loose tea black english tea. Make sure you put the water in first so you do not burn the tea. Brew for 5mins and serve with your delicious food. Why not lay the table, I suggest something simple like a bare wooden table with a pot of lavender in the middle. Don’t forget the all important sugar cubes, cream and milk!

Go out start the movement and drink tea.

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Hop(per) Over To Seattle

Edward Hopper, Office at Night, 1940Edward Hopper has a new exhibition at SAM in Seattle. Entitled ‘Edward Hopper’s Women’, it looks at the relationship between the painter and his female muse. When looking at Hopper’s work you get a real sense of voyeurism, as if you are peering into the lives of all american 1940s and 1950’s characters going about their daily lives. I had the pleasure of seeing Hopper’s last exhibition at London’s Tate Modern, so if you can get over to Seattle take a look. The exhibition is on now till the 1st March, 2009.

More details at: http://www.seattleartmuseum.org

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