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Russian: Comrade Kitsch

One of my big obsessions is Soviet Russia, especially the interesting kitsch items which came out of the communist block. Thi is why I am in love with the new Fall/Winter 2009/10 collection by Denis Simachev. I love the faded 80s jeans, the Soviet winter hat, oversized lapels and the kitsch and colourful designs on the sweaters and T shirts.  Be inspired !

Check it Out:  www.denissimachev.ru(english)

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A Must Have

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Midas is King: Florence is Queen

A new artist i just can’t get enough of is Florence & The Machine. This red head singer is a hot commodity for 2009. Think Kate Bush, soul, funky beats and a few chiming bells and you have Florence. Their single Rabbit Heart (Raise me up) really hits that Bush feeling with a contemporary twist. Highly reccomend.

Check it Out: Florence & The Machine

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South Korean Invasion: BoynMen

BoynMen - Backpack

This summer head down to the beach with this ultra slick backpack from South Korean designer BoynMen. The natural tones will compliment your summer 2009 preppy style.

Check it Out: www.yesstyle.com

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Mix It Up: Jil Sander

This Spring/Summer 2009 collection bag by Jill Sander , is perfect to make finishing touches to your new year look.

The ‘Jil Sander Show Bag Mix Up’ is made from light grey canvas, with red leather on the side and base.

This stylish item does come at a price of £755.00, but don’t despair a H&M similar design is bound to show up in the coming months.

Check it out:


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