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Animal Instinct: Felipe Morozini


O AMOR NÃO ACABA ÀS 15:30 by felipemorozini.

MISS LION ZION by felipemorozini.


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Bento Box, Creatively Crazy


Shake up your idea of lunch with a new concept. The art of the japanese bento box

Check it Out: www.lunchinabox.net

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Timo! : Eco-Friendly Style, Super Chic Design

Frosti GrimaceSavanna

Pixel Maze (pink-purple)Blades

ZebraPublic Toilet (Psychedelic)

You have to own one of these ultra unusual and well designed wallets from Timo. From the super price of $35 you can also do your bit to help the environment as the wallets are made from eco-friendly materials such as recyclable paper, soy ink and post-consumer vinyl.

Check it out: www.timowallets.com

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Harvey Milk

Mural of Harvey Milk in former Castro Camera.JPG “If a bullet should enter my brain, let the bullet destroy every  closet door.”


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Sundays Muse: Egon Schiele

Osen with fingertips laid togetherSchiele's Mutter und Kind

Be inspired.

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The Pen & The Illustrator : Jim Stoten

Jim Stoten is a british based illustrator. Right now his work is up and coming with major T-shirt designs with Levis, Threadless and Human Empire. His work reminds me of various cover works from the 1960s underground magazine Oz.

Check out More : www.Jimtheillustrator.co.uk

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From Finland, with love.

 Moomin Mug - Pink, LoveThe Moomin mug collection by Iittala is retro heaven. The mugs are beautifully crafted and presented with orginal artwork and vibrant colours.  For lovers of the books, the televison series or just people who have plain style.  

Check them out: www.finnstyle.com

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