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Wendee Ou: The Man Tote

Thang - Tote Bag
Thang - Tote Bag

Got to love the man tote, especially this one from Wendee Ou.

Check it Out: www.wendeeou.com

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Brown Bag It


This handmade tote bag from NewDuds is a great everyday bag to add a touch of style to your day. Thisitem is an result in the collaboration between illustrator and fabric fanatic.

Check it Out: NewDuds

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South Korean Invasion: BoynMen

BoynMen - Backpack

This summer head down to the beach with this ultra slick backpack from South Korean designer BoynMen. The natural tones will compliment your summer 2009 preppy style.

Check it Out: www.yesstyle.com

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Oversized, Ultra Hot, Packrat Bag

The Packrat Bag

Rock the streets this sumer with these amazing unisex tote bag from lomography. The oversized design is super hot and perfect for a summer stroll by the beach or an urban adventure. 

Check it Out: www.lomography.com

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Ode to the Spade: Jack & His Coal Bag

jack-spade-trash-bag.jpgAnother perfect design from Jack Spade, the revsible Coal Bag ‘Trash’. Utilities your life withthis bag, perfect for day to day activities, enough space for everything you need. Pick it up now for $225.

Check it Out:  www.uncrate.com


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Second World War, Inspirational Design

Check out this stitched shoulder satchel, inspired by a WWII Belgium Map Case, re-designed larger.   Truly Unique.  “One solid pieces of cow hide is stitched with heavy wax cording to form the satchel. We had all the hardware cast in white bronze.  Comes with all leather adjustable strap with shoulder piece, dull silver rings and collar buttons.” Pick it up from Billykirk.

Check it Out: www.billykirk.com

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Urban Elephant: Tote


Ditch the plastic and pick up an ultra chic retro tote from VillaVillaKula. the American based multimedia atist. This item is the perfect peice to spice up day to day events, whilst saving the earth. A bag for life for only $25.00.

Check it Out:  Villavillakula

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