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Midas is King: Florence is Queen

A new artist i just can’t get enough of is Florence & The Machine. This red head singer is a hot commodity for 2009. Think Kate Bush, soul, funky beats and a few chiming bells and you have Florence. Their single Rabbit Heart (Raise me up) really hits that Bush feeling with a contemporary twist. Highly reccomend.

Check it Out: Florence & The Machine

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The Deyn Factor

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The most exciting thing is not doing it. If you fall in love with someone and never do it, it’s much more exciting. “

Quote: Andy Warhol

Photo: Agnes Deyn, House of Holland , Henry Holland

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Gola Classic: Eboy Design

Gola eBoy City High Top Trainers

These are a limited edition so you will have to be fast, Gola Classics, the o has joined teamed up with the German pixel art group eBoy. eBoy is inspired by many pop cultural movements, LEGO, computer games and 1980s mania.  

Check it Out:  www.urbnexcess.com

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The Rockers: Rick Owens Update

Revive the British 1960s subcultural movement of The Rockers with this updated modern twist from Rick Owens,  this asymmetric leather jacket is style statement, you can pick it up from Oki-ni. If you like this item you may like my previous highlighted British leather jacket from 666.

Check it Out : 

Made in England: 666 Leather

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Marshalsea : Old Town Style


Look at this beautiful  Marshalsea four button rever collar jacket with close fitting and patch pockets which resembles the outline of the lounge jacket, from Old Town.

Old Town is a British clothes producer based in Norfolk. They focus their designs on old pattern designs from the 19th century and early 20th. All products are made to order, creating and special and unique service to all. Live the life of a gentleman.

Check it Out: www.old-town.co.uk

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The Pen & The Illustrator : Jim Stoten

Jim Stoten is a british based illustrator. Right now his work is up and coming with major T-shirt designs with Levis, Threadless and Human Empire. His work reminds me of various cover works from the 1960s underground magazine Oz.

Check out More : www.Jimtheillustrator.co.uk

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