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Ode to The Bakelite Goodness

Oh the joy of polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride (bakelite) plastic! The retro appeal of this early 20th century invention brings joy to many vintage hunters like myself. Yes i am the ebay outbidder you dread hehe. I have posted a few of the must have bakelite items :

1. The Bakelite Telephone is an essential!

2. Bakelite Kitchen Products!!! I-C-O-N-I-C

3. Forget digital, its all about the analogue

4. Coffee is always better retro panache

5. Button it up!

Super Plastic Fantastic Fun!


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It’s All About The Buttons: American Apparel

This cardigan from American Apparel is super stylish. It comes in a big range of different colours, all with the feature of over sized buttons and 5 patch pockets. I chose navy and blue for a more classic look, but you can get more edgy and vibrant colours also. You can pick it up for £36.00.

Check it Out:


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