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along came… The New Romantics

The New Romantics and The Blitz Kids were a British subcultural phenomenon in the late 1970s and early 80s. Rising within the Thatcher era, famous clubs like the Blitz club and Hero spawned the surreal looking, androgynous youths, along with creating a fashion legacy  and an influential music sound. The likes of Visage, Culture Club, Spandau Ballet and Marliyn rose to public attention.

Although this youth subculture started underground it quickly become mainstream, but with its popularity came it’s downfall and its disappeared and faded to grey. Today you can the Blitz Kids influence on fashion and music through the likes of Roisin Murphy, (fugly) Lady Gaga and La Roux.

And today…

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Oh England My Lion Heart : I’m Back

Back in England at last! Lots of cheese (best cheese in the world),  oven cooking, my lovely friends, family and my cat (you can see him below)!

There really is a big difference between the UK and South Korea, it seems even the smallest things are different. For example going shopping, in the UK you can never find a sales assistant and in Korea they chase you around the store.  However I must say the shopping is much much better here in England 🙂 but….. finding a job seems to be difficult right now so I am hoping I will find one soon! fingers crossed…..

Here’s some photos of my lion heart:

SDC10675SDC10688SDC10737 (1)

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Made in England: 666 Leather

This blue leather jacket by 666 Leather Wear, London, is the ultimate retro design. Live out the 1960s Rocker image and strud down the pavement in this blue leather classic. You can pick it up for 56,000 yen.

Check it out: Tulsa Time

If you like this jacket you may like another highlighted leather jacket at Retro Ho:

The Rockers: Rick Owens Update

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Jitterbug The Eve Away

Spirit Of St. Louis Boombox with CD, cassette and radio


Swing out to this 1940s Radio with Ipod dock! This WWII classic radio player was used to entertain the family during the blackout days in England. Live in nostalgia with this superb quality player from Sippery Brick .

Check it Out: www.slipperybrick.com

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Oh England My Lion Heart: Paul Smith Accessory

$item.image.nameBrighten up your january days with this ‘Union Jack’ coin Paul Smith laptop bag, trimmed with chocolate leather.

You can pick this stylish item up for £89.00

Check it Out:


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