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End of the Korean Road

SDC10195 (2)

Wow! What happened to this year ? 12 months has already flown by here in South Korea. What a year it has been, lots of ups and downs, some great memories and some horrible.

One thing I will miss is weekend trips to Seoul to look around art galleries and explore. Seoul really is a great city and reminds me of back home in London. Which brings me to my first problem… why did I decide to live in a small city….. wow so much harder than I thought! Small town life is not for me, I enjoy walking around busy streets, checking out cool little stores and observing urban culture.

Another great memory I have had here is travelling around Korea, seeing the green tea fields, climbing to the top of mountains, and exploring Buddhist temples and shrines. I have met many nice people here and also many I would rather not see ever again… well that’s life.

I never thought I would be homesick but it really hit me hard around Christmas time when I didn’t feel well and i missed home cooked foods and my creature comforts. However, my DS, trashy Korean TV, Starbucks and Retroho have kept me sane.

As the chapter is closing , I am anxious and excited to see what will be happening in the next one, and what life back in the UK will hold for me. Here’s a few of my explorations:



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