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He is a lonely depressed burnt loaf of bread… how cute can you get!  Kogepan from San-x is the ultimate kawaii character with a surreal and slightly dark twist!

I am Kogepan. I was from a bakery shop in Hokkaido. My bakery shop is very famous in Japan because the red bead buns that it churns out are so delicious that only 20 of such type are made each day. I was supposed to be a delicious red bean bun too, but an unfortunate accident had  happened…

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Book It, Sort it, Manipulate It: Avalon Code

A must for the DS is a recently release game, Avalon Code, from the makers of final fantasy. This japanese RPG has it all, cute charachters, puzzles, amazing videos and intriguing story line. Get lost in the magic of the book.

Check it out:  www.avaloncodeds.com

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Vampire Lust

This traditional Japanese print is old enough that it is in the public domain. It shows the vampire cat of Nabeshima killing the girlfriend of the prince of Hizen.

Recently i have developed a love for all thing gothically vampire. I have fallen in love with Edward, I am addicted to HBO’s True Blood and hooked on vampire anime… but nothing beats the original Stoker thriller. So i am in love with this T designed by Sam Silverstone from SIXPACK FRANCE:

Only 33 EUR!

Check it Out: www.sixpack.fr

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Toshio Saeki


Be inspired.

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Bento Box, Creatively Crazy


Shake up your idea of lunch with a new concept. The art of the japanese bento box

Check it Out: www.lunchinabox.net

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Futurist, Stylistic : Tokyo Flash

Be original and grab one of this unusual watches from Tokyo Flash.  Make this futurist look part of your retro wardrobe . Mix the vintage with the modern. You can pick up one of these Waku designs from Tokyo Flash for $130.00. Check out their other popping designs.

Check it Out: www.tokyoflash.com

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Latest: Edition

 Kitsch it up into spring with this beautifully designed grey, white and black patterned woolen jumper from Edition.

You can pick this item up for 30,000 yen.

Check it Out:


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