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Musk Ming (Muskboy) is a young Chinese artist living in Berlin. His work to me combines Chinese post cultural revolutionary kitsch, erotic charge innocence with a simplistic retro flavour wrapped in the red flag.

Can’t get enough, be inspired.

Check it Out: www.muskboy.com

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Russian: Comrade Kitsch

One of my big obsessions is Soviet Russia, especially the interesting kitsch items which came out of the communist block. Thi is why I am in love with the new Fall/Winter 2009/10 collection by Denis Simachev. I love the faded 80s jeans, the Soviet winter hat, oversized lapels and the kitsch and colourful designs on the sweaters and T shirts.  Be inspired !

Check it Out:  www.denissimachev.ru(english)

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Tennis Green Kitsch

Chill the lemonade and chop the strawberries because summer is coming, so why not pay homage to a little tennis kitsch with these green Vans. 

Check it Out: www.abcmart.co.kr

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Korean/Japanese Madness: Cake in a Cup

microwave cup cake by doc18.

Why not make a cake in a cup with this genius Japanese/Korean product!

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A+ and 1 House Point: Kitsch Pins

Update an old blazer with these ultra kitsch and stylish retro school nostalgia pins, become the head boy you always despised 😉

Check it Out:  www.retrokillerclothing.com

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Vodka & Matryoshka: Moscow Style

Shield from the russian wind with this cardigan designed by Henrik Vibskov. This soviet kitsch item is perfect for spring. You can pick it up for $238.00 at Refinery 29.

Check it Out:


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Tokyo Kitsch: Sushi USB

Sushi Disk HutomakiThis deliciously delectable item, it pure japanese kitsch. This realistic display of of sushi would make the perfect gift who cool item to add to your collection, at only 8,480 yen.

Indulge in the delectable.

Check it out: www.tokyokitsch.com

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