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Infinity of Sound

I have recently come across these great Korean  songstresses, not the regular diatribe of Kpop, from the likes of Big Bang and Super Junior which makes you want to hurl from there sticky sweet tack. These girls are actually quite talented and also unsual and quite alternative. Infinity of Sound a.k.a IS (아이에스) play traditional Korean instruments fused with contemporary lyrics and funky beats. Unfortunately there is not information in English about IS. However they are well worth the listen!

Check it Out: ‘Bom’ (Spring)

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End of the Korean Road

SDC10195 (2)

Wow! What happened to this year ? 12 months has already flown by here in South Korea. What a year it has been, lots of ups and downs, some great memories and some horrible.

One thing I will miss is weekend trips to Seoul to look around art galleries and explore. Seoul really is a great city and reminds me of back home in London. Which brings me to my first problem… why did I decide to live in a small city….. wow so much harder than I thought! Small town life is not for me, I enjoy walking around busy streets, checking out cool little stores and observing urban culture.

Another great memory I have had here is travelling around Korea, seeing the green tea fields, climbing to the top of mountains, and exploring Buddhist temples and shrines. I have met many nice people here and also many I would rather not see ever again… well that’s life.

I never thought I would be homesick but it really hit me hard around Christmas time when I didn’t feel well and i missed home cooked foods and my creature comforts. However, my DS, trashy Korean TV, Starbucks and Retroho have kept me sane.

As the chapter is closing , I am anxious and excited to see what will be happening in the next one, and what life back in the UK will hold for me. Here’s a few of my explorations:



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Aloe Obsession

lotte aloe

My new Korean obsession, Aloe Vera Juice.

I can’t get enough of this sweet goodness!

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Korean/Japanese Madness: Cake in a Cup

microwave cup cake by doc18.

Why not make a cake in a cup with this genius Japanese/Korean product!

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Mitoshop Design

This jacket design is perfect for casual style, throw on fashion and still staying ultra retro. The jacket is from korean retailer Mitoshop, and the price is also very good too!

Check it Out:  www.mitoshop.co.kr

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South Korean Invasion: BoynMen

BoynMen - Backpack

This summer head down to the beach with this ultra slick backpack from South Korean designer BoynMen. The natural tones will compliment your summer 2009 preppy style.

Check it Out: www.yesstyle.com

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