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along came… The New Romantics

The New Romantics and The Blitz Kids were a British subcultural phenomenon in the late 1970s and early 80s. Rising within the Thatcher era, famous clubs like the Blitz club and Hero spawned the surreal looking, androgynous youths, along with creating a fashion legacy  and an influential music sound. The likes of Visage, Culture Club, Spandau Ballet and Marliyn rose to public attention.

Although this youth subculture started underground it quickly become mainstream, but with its popularity came it’s downfall and its disappeared and faded to grey. Today you can the Blitz Kids influence on fashion and music through the likes of Roisin Murphy, (fugly) Lady Gaga and La Roux.

And today…

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Infinity of Sound

I have recently come across these great Korean  songstresses, not the regular diatribe of Kpop, from the likes of Big Bang and Super Junior which makes you want to hurl from there sticky sweet tack. These girls are actually quite talented and also unsual and quite alternative. Infinity of Sound a.k.a IS (아이에스) play traditional Korean instruments fused with contemporary lyrics and funky beats. Unfortunately there is not information in English about IS. However they are well worth the listen!

Check it Out: ‘Bom’ (Spring)

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Retro Summer Track

Retro summer recommendation: Prince, When Doves Cry.

This track is pure, electro funk rock…. it’s really a perfect tune by the ultimate 80s Icon.

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The Edge of The Knife: Fever Ray

One half of the Knife is Fever Ray. Although very Knife influenced the music is great, perfect bits, bizarre costumes and edgy raw Euro electronica.

Check it Out: www.feverray.com

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Lady Gaga : Artistic or Desperate attempt for attention?

I don’t know what it is but there is something not quite right with the Gaga. Sure she has a few catchy tunes, but they always seem to be missing some kind of momentum. Maybe its because her over styled image, which is used to make up for the fact that her music is just O.K.

When looking at the Gaga she looks pretty cool, however it all seems a little desperate, its not spontaneous and natural like Madonna in the 1980s or shocking and effortless like Bjork. It is just a new clever marketing plan, which has worked for some many people before, A.K.A another reincarnation of Gwen Stefani’s solo career?

I will let you decide.

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Midas is King: Florence is Queen

A new artist i just can’t get enough of is Florence & The Machine. This red head singer is a hot commodity for 2009. Think Kate Bush, soul, funky beats and a few chiming bells and you have Florence. Their single Rabbit Heart (Raise me up) really hits that Bush feeling with a contemporary twist. Highly reccomend.

Check it Out: Florence & The Machine

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Big Hair and Polka Dots : The Pipettes

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThis Brighton born pop band has been around for a good few years but still remain undiscovered gems. Their retro inspired sound and look is reminiscent of Betty Boop, Northern Soul and Phil Spector’s 1960s sound. One track from their debut album, ‘We are The Pipettes’, stands out a pure and simple retro pop candy, the track ‘Pull Shapes’.

Take a look : www.thepipettes.co.uk

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