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Gola Classic: Eboy Design

Gola eBoy City High Top Trainers

These are a limited edition so you will have to be fast, Gola Classics, the o has joined teamed up with the German pixel art group eBoy. eBoy is inspired by many pop cultural movements, LEGO, computer games and 1980s mania.  

Check it Out:  www.urbnexcess.com

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Shoe the Bear

442841Check out these hot Unisex sneakers from ‘Shoe the Bear’. From Thomas Frederiksen and Jakob Fuglsang. The Danish duo have enlisted the help of many artists to create a unique shoe. Look out for the new spring collection on its way!

Check it Out: http://www.shoethebear.com

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TST : Retro Design Ascetic

These TST split toe blue and orange sneakers are the latest to come from the work of Seishi Tanaka. His sneaker designs are unusual and retro. The faded quality gives the shoe an edge other new designs don’t have. The brand TST is now gaining a cult following among sneaker and retro lovers alike. Own a piece of the design movement. You can pick these up for £99.00 at Oki Ni.

Check them Out:


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