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Cartomancy Fashion: Tarot T

Check out this super hot T from Krudmart. I have am a avid Tarot reader and have a fascination for all things Tarot. You can check out my Tarot Blog here: Fawn’s Tarot Diary.

This T made me very excited and it’s tarot design is great, and the price… even better on sale at $15!

Check it Out: www.krudmart.com

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The Visual Aid: Mike Perry

My new latest obsession is the illustrator, typographer Mike Perry. A brooklyn artist regularly has work appealing in magazines, newspapers and had a really perfect collaboration with a great British illustrator, Jim Stoten.

Check out Perry’s great T-shirt designs:


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Cosmonaut Chic

Cosmonaut Mimobot USB

Billionaire Boys Club Astronaut T-shirt

Medicom Toy: Astronaut Snoopy

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Vampire Lust

This traditional Japanese print is old enough that it is in the public domain. It shows the vampire cat of Nabeshima killing the girlfriend of the prince of Hizen.

Recently i have developed a love for all thing gothically vampire. I have fallen in love with Edward, I am addicted to HBO’s True Blood and hooked on vampire anime… but nothing beats the original Stoker thriller. So i am in love with this T designed by Sam Silverstone from SIXPACK FRANCE:

Only 33 EUR!

Check it Out: www.sixpack.fr

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The Napoleonic Revolution

Start the revolution and get one of this cool T’s from the East End boutique A Child of The Jago.

Check it Out: www.childofthejago.com

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Onion Head: Dan Has Potential

SALE! Onion Head by Dan Has Potential<small>White<br />(HU 357 BOY WH * L)</small>SALE! Onion Head by Dan Has Potential<small>White<br />(HU 357 BOY WH * L)</small>

Check out this cool designed tee from Dan Has Potenial. The unsual artwork is on sale now at  20 EUR! Pick it up fast.

Check it Out: www.anost.net

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Queen Of The Boards: Jeepney

Strut the street in these ultra stylish T from Jeepney, ‘Queen of The Boards’. 

Pick up this hot design from urban streetwear store Yukka for only £24.00!


Check it out:


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The Pen & The Illustrator : Jim Stoten

Jim Stoten is a british based illustrator. Right now his work is up and coming with major T-shirt designs with Levis, Threadless and Human Empire. His work reminds me of various cover works from the 1960s underground magazine Oz.

Check out More : www.Jimtheillustrator.co.uk

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Pac-Man パックマン Pakku man : T

Walk down the street in style with this retro inspired T. Everyone knows and loves the 1980s japanese video game which made its mark on 20th century pop culture. Now live out your childhood with this Pac-Man Eco T-shirt for around $40.00.

Check it Out:



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