Who Art Thou

Join in and lets Ho the Retro, the vintage, past era inspired cultural consumption, contemporary and alternative cultures. From fashion to history, music to art.

If you are a independent  designer, artist, writer or photographer and would like to be featured drop me a message below.

Check out my baking blog for some delicious treats! : http://thegodscake.wordpress.com



10 responses to “Who Art Thou

  1. Jae

    When it comes to fashion, I would like to make some contribution to your work. LOL I enjoyed a lot while I took a trip to your blog. I will make a regular visit. Keep doin’ it! 😀

  2. Sam

    Haha A nice blog. Especially I like the character of you. I will keep my eyes on here~ Hehe

  3. rebmas03

    Great blog!

  4. fashionjenn

    Really fun blog, I’ll be checking back frequently when I need a retro fix! 🙂

  5. Thomas Frederiksen


    In which city are you located?

  6. Hey there, RetroHo – it’s The Foodinista! Just wanted to see if you’d noticed that the archives don’t work on the DePo theme. I’ve contacted support several times and have heard nada. Ciao bella…


  7. I love your site. Keep it up !

  8. Jae

    So, you’re taking a break from sheding out your fashion perspectives here? 🙂 Don’t forget the style!

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