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Second World War, Inspirational Design

Check out this stitched shoulder satchel, inspired by a WWII Belgium Map Case, re-designed larger.   Truly Unique.  “One solid pieces of cow hide is stitched with heavy wax cording to form the satchel. We had all the hardware cast in white bronze.  Comes with all leather adjustable strap with shoulder piece, dull silver rings and collar buttons.” Pick it up from Billykirk.

Check it Out: www.billykirk.com

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‘The Boots That Won The War’: Ebay Fix

HH Brown Men's 10

Pick up these ultra vintage WII U.S Paratrooper Corcoran Jump boots on ebay for only  $60.00. These are a historic pair of boots which any lover of vintage, 1940s or military style should own. Match them with a contemporary look : a pair of grey Uni Qlo skinny jeans with a funky T, leaving the boots untied.

Check them out: Here


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Jitterbug The Eve Away

Spirit Of St. Louis Boombox with CD, cassette and radio


Swing out to this 1940s Radio with Ipod dock! This WWII classic radio player was used to entertain the family during the blackout days in England. Live in nostalgia with this superb quality player from Sippery Brick .

Check it Out: www.slipperybrick.com

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“Anytime Is Tea-Time Now” – A Cultural Movement


Image from Tea Making Tips

Let’s bring back the past time of afternoon tea and start a cultural movement.

It’s easy , cheap and enjoyable, spend the afternoon in the 1940s.

Here is a quick guide:

First, afternoon tea should be around 3pm, so invite your friends over around then.

Second, you need to prepare the food. You need to make cucumber, salmon or fish paste sandwiches. Buy a sliced white loaf of bread and cut the edges off. Take two slices, thinly butter one side. Prepare the cucumbers, peel, thinly slice and lightly salt. Layer the buttered side of the bread with the prepared cucumbers, put the second slice on top and cut into 3 fingers. Do the same with the salmon and fish paste, then on a larger plate stack and line. Next bake or buy a cake something not too rich like victoria sponge, ginger cake or fruit scones with fresh cream.

When it comes to preparing the tea take a large teapot and lightly heat the pot first with a little warm water. Then fill with boiling water followed by the tea, 3 tea bags or 4 even teaspoons of loose tea black english tea. Make sure you put the water in first so you do not burn the tea. Brew for 5mins and serve with your delicious food. Why not lay the table, I suggest something simple like a bare wooden table with a pot of lavender in the middle. Don’t forget the all important sugar cubes, cream and milk!

Go out start the movement and drink tea.

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