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Second World War, Inspirational Design

Check out this stitched shoulder satchel, inspired by a WWII Belgium Map Case, re-designed larger.   Truly Unique.  “One solid pieces of cow hide is stitched with heavy wax cording to form the satchel. We had all the hardware cast in white bronze.  Comes with all leather adjustable strap with shoulder piece, dull silver rings and collar buttons.” Pick it up from Billykirk.

Check it Out: www.billykirk.com

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Gold, Comme des Garcons

Line your change in his gold leather wallet from Comme des Garcons. A must for 2009, as selected by Start London. You can pick it up for £95.50.

Check it Out: www.start-london.com

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Mix It Up: Jil Sander

This Spring/Summer 2009 collection bag by Jill Sander , is perfect to make finishing touches to your new year look.

The ‘Jil Sander Show Bag Mix Up’ is made from light grey canvas, with red leather on the side and base.

This stylish item does come at a price of £755.00, but don’t despair a H&M similar design is bound to show up in the coming months.

Check it out:


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