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Bryonically Lyrical: Forbidden Love

Last Words On Greece

What are to me those honours or renown
    Past or to come, a new born people’s cry?
Albeit for such I could despise a crown
    Of aught save laurel, or for such could die.
I am a fool of passion, and a frown
    Of thine to me is an adder’s eye
To the poor bird whose pinion fluttering down
    Wafts unto death the breast it bore so high;
Such is this maddening fascination grown,
    So strong thy magic or so weak am I.


Photograph: Sooreh Hera

Poem: Lord Noel Byron

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From Finland, with love.

 Moomin Mug - Pink, LoveThe Moomin mug collection by Iittala is retro heaven. The mugs are beautifully crafted and presented with orginal artwork and vibrant colours.  For lovers of the books, the televison series or just people who have plain style.  

Check them out: www.finnstyle.com

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A Life In Converse

Anyone who knows me knows that Converse are a integrated part of my life. I remember my first ever pair, not the usual basic Chuck Taylor but a limited edition green pair of high tops with a darker green circle, i was 14. Ever since then I would buy one pair a year and receive another pair for christmas and wear them until they were falling apart… and i really mean that. One boyfriend literally hated my wore out, dirty, black Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops with the gaping hole in the back.

I have owned every color, red, green, gray, black, all black, white, limited edition John Lennons’ and the list goes on.

Converse Plaid Chuck Taylor Multi Eyelets TrainerWell today i stumbled across a new kind of converse which is high on my list to wear and then wear out. They are low top Chuck Taylor, in plaid brown with multi eyelets, with a slight worn effect. The appearance reminds me of an old blazer in a dusty corner of afflecks place or the everything for pound jumble shop on Oldham Rd, Manchester (which adds to the appeal). 

Check them out here : http://www.converse.com


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