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80’s Nostalgia: Teddy Ruxpin

Yes I was an 80’s child and I had my very own Teddy Ruxpin with a cassette player for a belly so he could read me stories at night, unfortunately mine fell out of bed and his eye fell out! Oh well good memories.

Teddy Ruxpin came out in 1985 and has made several attempts of a comeback since, but I think he was trumped by Furbies, Barney and the Teletubbies.

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Gola Classic: Eboy Design

Gola eBoy City High Top Trainers

These are a limited edition so you will have to be fast, Gola Classics, the o has joined teamed up with the German pixel art group eBoy. eBoy is inspired by many pop cultural movements, LEGO, computer games and 1980s mania.  

Check it Out:  www.urbnexcess.com

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Plastic Fantastic : BambooZoo

Pick up this ultra cute figurine by Peskimo, buy it now at Octane 3.

Check it Out: www.octane3.com

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Bento Box, Creatively Crazy


Shake up your idea of lunch with a new concept. The art of the japanese bento box

Check it Out: www.lunchinabox.net

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Sharp Claws & Shoulder Pads

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Have a 1980s flashback, get out your shoulder pads, throw on some high waisted jeans, team them up with white socks and some loafers…oh don’t forget to sharpen your claws and sit back and indulge in alittle Dynasty nostalgia. Pure 80s class all the way from denver.

Check It Out: www.amazon.co.uk 

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Dear… Diana

Take some fantastically retro shots with the Diana+ camera from Lomographic Society. The camera is a cult icon from the 1960s. Super stylish design, super stylish photos. You can pick one up for  £38.00.

Check it Out: www.lomography.com

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TST : Retro Design Ascetic

These TST split toe blue and orange sneakers are the latest to come from the work of Seishi Tanaka. His sneaker designs are unusual and retro. The faded quality gives the shoe an edge other new designs don’t have. The brand TST is now gaining a cult following among sneaker and retro lovers alike. Own a piece of the design movement. You can pick these up for £99.00 at Oki Ni.

Check them Out:


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